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Oh So Yeppeun Gifting Box

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RM 8.00
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RM 0.00
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RM 8.00

Top up your item with our Oh So Yeppeun packaging! Perfect gifting for yourself and your loved ones or purchase any item above RM80(after promotion or discounts) and you will receive your accessories with our OSY gifting box. 

Size : 20x14cm

*Handwritten Card is free of charge 

* Velvet Box is not included in the box 

Jewelry Care

With good care and proper hacks, there are ways to make your jewelery last longer!
 -Avoid getting in touch with water. If your jewelry comes in touch with water, wipe with a soft cloth/silver polish cloth to dry and polish it.
 -Store them in a dry & cooling place. Place them in an air-tight box or packaging that comes with your piece
 -Always put on your jewelry last and take it off first. You want to avoid it getting caught onto your clothes or getting in touch with chemicals such as perfume or lotions
 -Remove them before sleeping or doing physical activity. Not only can our jewelry get damaged during the night while we toss and turn, but our bodies also absorb the metals throughout the night while we sleep.